Welcome to Forks and Spoonies!

As a first post, I’ll introduce what the spoon and fork theories are and how they affect Corvid Moon.

The Spoon theory suggests that everyone gets up in the morning with a set number of spoons. These spoons are used or recharged by various activities during the day. A Spoonie, normally someone with disabilities, choronic pain or other chronic conditions, get fewer spoons than their healthy counterparts.

For instance; a healthy person in their twenties may wake up fully rested and raring to go. They have a seemingly endless supply of spoons. A shower? One spoon! Making and eating breakfast? Zero spoons because I get to eat! You get the idea.

Author Laurie Stewart is a proud Spoonie. She’s *cough* fifty-nine *cough*, has chronic pain and chronic migraines, and is mobility impaired. This impacts both how many spoons she wakes up with and how many spoons each normal activity takes.

For another instance; Laurie wakes up with twelve spoons. Going downstairs, one spoon. Making coffee, one spoon. Grabbing an apple and yogurt from the fridge? Another spoon! Getting dressed? Hah! Three spoons. Here she is, sitting in a comfy chair and half her spoons are already gone. Note that absolutely nothing has been accomplished yet.

Stacking the dishwasher? Four spoons plus a spike in pain. Laundry? Four spoons per load, counting washer and dryer separately. Now we see the issue… She’s into the minus spoons. These negative spoons either mean she wakes up with even fewer spoons tomorrow, or that resting won’t refresh her spoons.

The fork theory is good for everyone, especially those with overload issues. We’ve all heard “stick a fork in me, I’m done.”

The fork theory suggests that if you’re feeling “done”, you can remove smaller forks. Each fork being a task, situation, or action. So leave the pitchfork for tomorrow, take out the shrimp fork, maybe go to the bathroom or have a drink. (water, not scotch…although…)

So while removing a cocktail weenie fork may mean you lose your spoons slower, it doesn’t give you any or refresh yours any faster.

Next blog will contain gift suggestions, and a few links for Spoonies and Forkies.

Until then, take care of yourself and wear a freaking mask.