Welcome to Corvid Moon Publishing, a micro-press in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2015, we concentrate on books with diverse characters and Canadian settings. Although a great story is a great story and we will consider other locations.

We publish in multiple genres but concentrate on Science-fiction, Fantasy, and Cosy Mystery. Even there, we like science-fiction or fantasy cozies, and inclusive characters.

Our current line-up includes only two authors, both of whom write LGBT+, PoC, and disabled characters and themes, and use a sensitivity editor to get the representation right.

Laurie Stewart has had numerous SFF short stories published in anthologies, and these may be found on Amazon, Kobo, and other retailers by searching her name. Her novels can be found here, and on most eretailers in both ebook and paperback. Her next project is a series of SF cozies starring a paraplegic ship captain.

Delilah Knight writes cozy mysteries with a trans woman as the lead character. These humous, light stories are set in Smiths Falls, a small town in Ontario. She is considering a second set of cozies, with a paranormal theme. These books would star a coven of witches in their senior years, and would also be humorous and light.

Check out our store, HERE. Or look into the authors on their own websites; Laurie Stewart-author and Delilak Knight-author.

Have fun reading!